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5 Ways To Ensure Workers' Safety At Work

One way to ensure employee safety is by availing of workers' compensation insurance. It can provide cash, health, or both if they become ill due to their job. Its main goal is to foster a safe work environment.

Train Employees Well

Help your employees create a safe, injury-free workplace by ensuring that all workers get comprehensive safety training. Comprehensive safety training ensures that all workers understand all safety practices for their areas, including machine and hand operations, personal protective equipment (PPE), hazards, and more.

Reward Employees for Safe Behavior

With rewards, your employees see the value of following safety policies and how it makes a difference in reducing the number of injuries during the workday.

Keep Things Clean

A cluttered and disorganized workplace poses several hazards. Spilled contents from boxes can create a slip and fall risk, and tangled cords can cause electrical hazards. Take time to conduct regular inspections of your workplace to look for potential dangers such as messy floors, disorganized tools and supplies, and objects that may pose trip hazards in your workspace.

Have Regular Meetings on Workplace Safety

When it comes to workplace safety, it's better to be over-prepared than underprepared. Engage employees with regular meetings to review safety rules and discuss prevention. Everyone will know what to do right away when something happens, keeping your workplace safe and compliant.

Encourage Stretch Breaks

Stretch breaks are shown to increase workplace ergonomics and employee health. Encouraging employees to stretch for even five minutes every few hours can reduce potential injuries and raises morale, ultimately increasing productivity and financial gains.

What Doesn't Workers Compensation Insurance cover?

Workers' compensation policies don't usually cover an injury or illness that:

  • Is intentionally caused by your employee

  • Happens in a fight that your employee caused

  • Happens to an employee who is intoxicated

  • Takes place during your employee's commute

  • Emotional and has no physical trauma


Workers' compensation insurance helps protect against the real cost of an employee's medical expenses and lost wages following a workplace injury or illness. An employer could face large financial losses from a major workplace accident without it.

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