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What's On Trend For Bars In 2022?

Global drinking habits have evolved dramatically in recent years. Every year, new trends emerge, pushing the bar business in new ways and ushering in even more changes.

As 2022 approaches, restaurants and bars are settling into a "new normal" that will determine their success over the following few years.

So, customers demand traditional beverages with an edge as they seek a little normalcy. With non-alcohol choices, more and more bars will become imaginative and deliberate; and operations will become more automated.

Bar Robots

Bars will switch to robotic bartenders to help alleviate labor issues, provide consistent beverages at regulated prices, and enable speedier service in high-volume venues.

This new service model promotes fair pay, removes hierarchy, and protects against being understaffed when labor is already scarce.

Straightforward Cocktails

Many visitors like drinks with three to four components that they can comprehend. The more unknown the ingredients in the cocktail, the less likely they are to order it.

So a drink containing gin, citrus, and some herbal or floral component is more likely to be ordered by a visitor than a 12-step cocktail.

Aside from being simple, it is also becoming more environmentally friendly because it is available in a can. Because of their canned shape, these cocktails are more ecologically friendly than their glass counterparts and can be consumed almost anywhere.

The sealed lid makes it simple to keep the liquid inside secure from bacteria and other dangerous items.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

It's good to choose to self-regulate and yet feel a little fancy, enjoying a prepared cocktail for those who want to drink little to no alcohol but not go wild.

Simply speaking, bars and restaurants may offer non-alcoholic drinks. These drinks are alcohol-free versions of alcoholic beverages. Non-alcoholic beverages are expected to account for roughly a third of the industry by 2024.

Non-alcoholic drinks that are very popular include:

  • Non-alcoholic wine

  • Non-alcoholic beer

  • Non-alcoholic spirit


This 2022, bar owners should jump on trends to distinguish their establishment from the competition. From highly automated operations to creating new and imaginative non-alcoholic beverages, these bars are expected to make modifications to meet the needs of their customers.

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