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Workers Comp For Your Nanny

Having a nanny or a household helper is very helpful for busy working parents. Nannies help you with babysitting, chores, and maintaining your home. Aside from their basic salary, their welfare and other benefits should be provided as the law states. This will also show your care and concern as a responsible employer.

This insurance protects you from possible financial loss due to liabilities and expenses when an employee gets into a work-related accident. Your household employees, like a nanny, a senior caregiver, or a housekeeper, are the common beneficiaries of this policy. They may get injuries when tripped or slip while cleaning or may be bitten by your dog while walking them.

The medical costs and loss of wages due to injuries are usually included in available policies in your state. Aside from that, it can protect you in case of lawsuits and legal costs if an employee wants to sue you.

Does The Law Require It?

Many states' laws require Workers' Comp Insurance if a nanny or senior caregiver works for you and the household.

Some states require full, part-time, and voluntary coverage for household employees. They also set these requirements based on workers' basic salary rate, work hours, or the number of workers in the household.

Coverage of Workers Comp Insurance For Your Nanny

You can protect your household employees and your finances from unexpected expenses. Insurance companies typically cover these incidents and needs:

  • Medical bills

  • Repetitive injuries

  • Permanent illness

  • Continuous care and support

  • Funeral expenses

  • Missed salaries


Every employer is responsible for their employees' welfare. Worker's Comp Insurance benefits you and your nanny in case of unwanted events. This will help you cover more expenses and save you from possible financial loss. Check and ask for your state law to purchase and get the best out of your insurance.

At Second Western Insurance Services, we do our best to ensure that our clients are well-protected with affordable and comprehensive policies. We will go the extra mile to help you with your needs. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our agency at (818) 952-5203 or Click Here to request a free quote. Topics and coverage discussed in this article are not guaranteed, consult with your agents to determine what your policy does and does not cover. We are more than happy to help!


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