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"Why do I need a commercial general liability policy for my salon?"



A common question we get asked is “What does a general liability policy cover for my salon?"  While this policy covers the typical slip and fall/public liability that a standard commercial general liability policy would cover, it also offers some coverage for more specific instances. 


1. It is the end of the day and several employees are cleaning up getting ready to close the salon.  A few candles in the back room are still left lit by the previous client.  The employees close the salon without blowing out the candles, leaving them still lit until the next day.  One of the candles breaks from being lit too long and starts a small fire and burns the interior of the unit.  


2. One of the employees is getting a room cleaned up and ready for the next client. While prepping the room, the employee forgets to replace the non-slip mats in the room.  When the next client comes into the room, they slip on the floor where a little moisture has collected and breaks their arm in the process


3. During a regular appointment, one of the nail technicians does not notice the opened bottle of nail polish sitting on the counter next to her.  During the appointment, the nail tech knocks over the bottle of nail polish onto her client's designer purse and shoes.

Any kind of business that wants to bring customers to their location will need to have a general liability policy for their business, and salons are no different.  The good news is, these policies also cover things such as:

  • If an employee causes harm to a client while they are at the salon

  • If a client comes in for an appointment and trips over the cord to a blow dryer and hurts themselves in the process

  • If the business causes damage to the commercial unit they are renting/occupying

With these policies starting as low as $500 for the year, it’s worth it to protect your business against catastrophe! Call us for a quote today!

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